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Virtual Joint Strike Wing

The Virtual joint Strike Wing (Formally UK Navalops) is a UK based combat flight sim group for DCS World. The wing is made up of Squadrons from the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm and the Royal Air Force.

The group was formed as UK Navalops in March 2018 By Lenny and Gaz because of the lack of UK based Harrier Squadrons for DCS World

The group has mainly been a Harrier group, however it was decided to re brand as Virtual Joint Strike Wing and add a F16 Squadron .

We try to have our training and missions as close as possible to real life, we have former Royal Navy and Royal Air Force members in the group. Even though we do all this we still aim to have fun.



Bellow are our active Squadrons

Click on the Sqn Badge to go their page

801 Naval Air Squadron

Harrier GR9

11 (F) Squadron RAF

F-16 Viper.

Operations & Training

Operation Shader II

The Joint Strike Wing are about to deploy to Syria on Operation Shader 2. 

In response to these developments, the UK has now initiated Operation Shader II, which represents an intensifying on the air campaign against ISIL in Syria in an attempt to drive them out of Syria for good.

The new UK aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth along with her escorts has deployed to the region with 12 Harrier GR9 jets from 801 NAS aboard. The RAF have deployed 12 F-16 jets from 11 Sqn to Incirlik Air Force Base in Turkey


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